Guidelines for Contemplative Consumption

Eat a bowl of warm pork & beans & relax. Tender beans, pork shoulder, carrots, onions, celery, & herbs fill the broth of this hearty winter soup.

 This recipe yields a large pot of soup, perfect for feeding a large group or storing some for later. 

The benefits of soaking beans before cooking them are controversial, but I personally don't see any reason why it wouldn't be worth your time to do so. 

In my experience, soaking beans the night before cooking makes them more uniform & faster to cook. 

The next day, you'll notice that your beans have expanded simply by being submerged in water the night before. 

Don't stress if you forget to do this, though! The cooking time for the beans may increase somewhat. 

For this dish, I used cranberry beans, but feel free to substitute your favorite variety. Choose your favorite bean variety for this dish; each will provide its own unique flavor.

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