French tourist rescued from grizzly in Glacier National Park

A Glacier National Park family saved a French tourist from a grizzly bear in September. 

The family was trekking in the woods when they encountered the young Frenchman. 

The man lacked bear spray, so his family helped him back away carefully, avoiding a confrontation. You may watch a video of the interaction below. 

"The young man was shaken & really thankful," the family's mother told Viralhog. "I asked him if he had bear spray & he replied he left it in the car. We let him continue the hike with us, & he did." 

Glacier National Park prohibits approaching bears & wolves within 100 yards, yet inadvertent encounters can occur on narrow trails with poor visibility. 

National Park Service: "Be careful near streams, in wind, or in deep forest" (NPS). "Blind corners & trail rises also require extra care. 

Scat & tracks. Bears spend a lot of time eating, so be careful in berry patches, cow parsnip thickets, & glacier lily fields." 

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