Fast food chicken items we miss

Fast-food burgers don't have the same cult appeal as fast-food chicken. 

Raising Cane's chicken strips & sauce are popular. People line up for Chick-fil-chicken A's & dipping sauce. 

McDonald's & Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets have folks questioning which is better. 

Some argue there are fast-food chicken wars, as chains release bigger & better chicken sandwiches & other things to meet demand. 

All of this isn't social media hype. IBIS World estimates the fast-food chicken franchise industry at $55 billion in 2022. 

Fast-food chicken is plentiful, but the constantly-rotating array of products means your favorites may not be around forever. 

Here are 11 of the most nostalgic meals and fast-food orders. McDonald's released OG Chicken Selects in 2002. 

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