Dog finds McMuffins in suitcase, fines passenger nearly $2,000

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An airline customer was fined almost $2,000 after an airport security dog in Australia discovered two unreported egg and beef sausage McMuffins and a ham croissant in their luggage.

The unidentified passenger, who was travelling from Indonesia to Australia, was fined $2,664 AUD ($1,874 USD) after a McDonald's breakfast sandwich trio was discovered in their luggage upon arrival at Darwin Airport.

Following an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) in Indonesia that moved to Bali, Australian officials implemented tougher biosecurity regulations, according to several publications. This is when the incident occurred.

This fine, which is equivalent to two round-trip tickets to Bali, will be the most costly Maccas meal this passenger has ever had.

According to Watt, the meat was discovered last week in a rucksack of an Indonesian traveller by Zinta, the airport's new biosecurity detecting dog.

Biosecurity is serious business; it safeguards the economy, farmers, jobs, and food. Travelers must ensure they are meeting the requirements to enter Australia by adhering to all biosecurity precautions.

A 12-unit violation notice was given to the passenger, according to the authorities, for "failing to declare probable high biosecurity risk items and presenting a false and deceptive paperwork.

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