Akitas are family protectors in Japan and admired for their loyalty. Once part of the family, they're wary of new people and new pets. They only see you.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These large, powerful canines are actually very gentle. The Bernese mountain dog is a highly intelligent and obedient breed.


Whippets love lounging on chaises with their favourite humans and ignoring intruders. Popular. Training stubborn dogs takes patience.


Vizslas need exercise. They'll love and follow you if you can do that.


Pugs are small but mighty and adaptable. They can thrive anywhere with a loving companion. Pugs can be feisty, but they're just trying to get your attention.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Another smiling dog! Pembroke Welsh corgis are affectionate, intelligent, and perfect for active households and big personalities. Beware of their watchdog bark.

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English sheepdog's furry exterior hides a kind soul. These dogs are patient and playful with kids. They remember well, making them trustworthy confidants.


Newfoundlands make good guard and playdogs. Their fluffy bodies and sweet personalities are easy to understand.


Maltese may seem superior, but they love to joke around with family. They make friends easily and follow their owners everywhere.


Friendly, loyal dogs think they're lapdogs. Bulldogs will try to sit in your lap. They're loving and friendly.

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