You know what to do but are afraid to act or don't feel like rising to the occasion. This is true if you often procrastinate. Get to work.

Stop putting off

Detaching yourself from negative thoughts and uncertainty leads to stability. Grow your network. Meet new people and share ideas.Purposeful people can motivate you.

Become social

Balancing past and present tasks is  difficult. People who achieve their dreams take initiative and anticipate problems. Stay ahead to avoid falling behind.

Act proactively

Helping others can change your outlook. Being of service can motivate you. Giving trumps receiving. Good karma comes from helping others.

To aid another

Trust the process,  not the outcome. Change what you can, accept what you can't. Accept things you can't change and move on.

Follow the flow

A rested mind is clear. Refresh and rest Sleep lets you think more positively. It helps you focus and be more creative. Recharge.

Take a nap

It's time to listen to your one mind. Before you made your last bad decision, you had intuition. This time, heed your inner voice. You know best.

Trust your gut

Problem solving in your head can leave you unable to connect the dots.Everyone has unique perspectives and experiences. If you can't find a solution, consult a friend, relative, colleague, or behavioural therapist.

Interact with other people

The key is to maintain focus. Experience the emotions you'll feel when your desires are fulfilled. Put forth your best effort, and don't stop until you win.

Outcome focused

Pressure to go against your beliefs makes them difficult. Sticking to your morals and values without compromising is never a mistake.

Hold to your values

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