Day Of The Dead Foods

Day of the Dead celebrates traditional Mexican cuisine & drinks. On November 1st & 2nd, Mexican families visit cemeteries or make ofrendas offerings to the dead via Britannica. 

These ofrendas are mostly foods & drinks the deceased loved. 

Conchas were your grandma's favorite pastry, & champurrado was your grandpa's. 

Families feast on Day of the Dead, not just the dead. Day of the Dead originates with Mexico's indigenous inhabitants. 

Scholars assume it was related to the seasons or requesting the dead & nature for a successful grain harvest. 

When the Spaniards converted the Indians to Catholicism, they combined Day of the Dead with All Saints' Days via The New York Times. 

It's become a colorful celebration with sugar skulls, tamales, crimson pozole, & atole & pulque. On el Da de los Muertos, you may discover these snacks & drinks at a Mexican restaurant near you. 

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