Car you should drive according to Zodiac Sign

Want to speed up? Your car reflects your lifestyle & attitude. Maybe you enjoy fast sports cars. Choosing a car is a huge decision that requires extensive research.

Aries, you're fast. You want an automobile that gives you freedom and fun. As a fire sign, you know how to command a room & make an entrance. You like to reward yourself.

Aries : Sport Car

Taurus, you're grounded & realistic, so you're probably buying a car for safety & savings. You won't settle for mediocre just to save money. You wait for the best deal.

Taurus : Mid-Size SUV

You're usually busy, so you need a reliable car. Twins value dualism & adaptability. You hate having to slow down & reassess your path; you'd rather figure it out as you go.

Gemini: Classic Crossover

Cancer, you have depth. You're emotive, but that's not your sole talent. You're a natural leader who creates a pleasant atmosphere in the boardroom & at home.

Cancer : Luxury sedan

In style? You're fashion-forward & prefer to stand out. Can you blame yourself? You have a magnetic energy as a fire sign. It make sense to buy an automobile that match personality.

Leo : Convertible

You want a practical, reliable, & budget-friendly car. As a nature-loving earth sign, you care more about your environmental impact than driving a trendy car. 

Virgo: eco-hybrid

Libra, you enjoy luxury & relationships. As a Venus-ruled sign, you want to make a fashion statement. You need a vintage coupe with a busy social life & many events to attend.

Libra: Sleek Coupe

Scorpio, you follow your own path. You're moody & secretive & love taking unexpected diversions. Say what? You enjoy surprising others.

Scorpio : Off-Roader

Sagittarians are wild & free-spirited. While others are more concerned with impressing others, you'd rather acquire a car that can manage your adventurous lifestyle.

Sagittarius : Hatchback

Capricorn, you're practical & mature. Your attention to detail makes you cautious in most areas of life. What good is hard work if you don't enjoy it?

Capricon : Muscle car

Aquarius, you're unusual. Never satisfied with the status quo, you challenge everything. You're forward-thinking, so the car of the future is for you.

Aquarius : Electric car

You're not a showy person, Pisces. Creative signs resemble unique personal stuff. You'll be delighted with any ride that travels well & takes you to the beach.

Pisces: Retro Station Wagon

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Want to speed up? Your car reflects your lifestyle & 

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