This breed has herded and guarded sheep in northern France for centuries. Briards are active, smart, hardworking, and train well.

Standard Poodle

Poodles can reach 70 pounds or more. When their coats are long and brushed, few dogs are puffier than a poodle. The hair takes time and effort to maintain.


The Eurasier's coat is stunning. This newer breed only needs to be bathed once a month and brushed weekly. He is loving, level-headed, and intelligent.


You'll spend a lot of time grooming these gentle giants if you own one. They need a daily brushing and a weekly grooming with 3 or 4 implements a big job for a 170 pound dog.

Chow Chow

The chow chow is easily recognisable by his squashed face, black tongue, deep-set eyes, and wrinkled, teddy-bear-like body.


Akitas don't like other dogs, but they love people. In their native Japan, they are a national natural monument and represent protection, health, and happiness.

Alaskan Malamute

These sled dogs are strong, loving, and loyal and have a double coat. Alaskan Malamutes need a pin brush and metal comb to avoid mats.

Rough Collie

Rough collies have long, luxurious coats that ripple when they run. Herding dogs need an hour of daily exercise. Only brush once a week.

German Shepherd

German shepherds have thick double coats that should be brushed once a week. they're smart, courageous, and loyal.

Golden Retriever

In reality, Golden Retrievers are as loyal, affable, and affectionate as their reputation suggests. Intelligent Scottish bird dogs love swimming and fetching.

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