Best And Worst Dog Breeds For New Owners

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best dog breeds For New Owners

Bright, loving, and lively without excess. To avoid bringing a high energy dog into your home, look for a pet Labrador breeder.

Labrador Retriever

Bichons are small, fluffy, and friendly. Bichons are easygoing and have an adorable white poof. Small dogs are peppy, curious, confident, and easygoing.

Bichon Frise

Sighthounds are couch potatoes despite being racers. They're not trustworthy off leash but make great apartment pets.


Pugs are cute, happy dogs. Their short nose causes many health problems, so be prepared for a dog that may not live to 10 years old.


Shih tzus are adorable and spunky. They need more grooming than pugs, but they're athletic. Fun for kids and laid back homeowners.

Shih Tzus

Worst dog breeds For New Owners

Shiba Inus are cute, but not for beginners. Independent like cats, they're hard to train. Almost every Shiba Ina I've met is shy, which can be challenging for owners.

Shiba Inu

movie 101 Dalmatians popularised these difficult dogs for even experienced owners. They were bred to bark in front of fire engines, so they need to release a lot of energy.


Purple tongues are popular, but chow are aloof. They're wary of strangers and uninterested in training. Cute and dignified, but not cuddly or beginner friendly.


Rottweilers, bred as war dogs, aren't for wimps. Large, powerful breed known for resource guarding. They're aloof to aggressive with strangers and dogs, making them difficult for new owners.


Beagles are bred to run ahead of their owners and bark while hunting. This makes them difficult for first-time owners.


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