Before you gorge on candy, try these Halloween dinners.

Halloween is a busy night, what with supper preparations & helping kids gather their loot from the neighborhood. 

In addition, a dish of Twix and Sour Patch Kids isn't going to fill anyone up or keep them warm on a chilly Halloween night. 

So you'll want to think of some Halloween dinner ideas instead. 

In the following, you'll find our suggestions: Some of the dishes were colored in the traditional pumpkin, squash, & sweet potato orange, & others were the hearty fall fare. 

All of these are simple to whip up, which is great if you have to spend a lot of time fiddling with your costume, your face paint, & your handmade fake blood. 

You'll find some frightening breadsticks down here alongside the usual suspects like chili, soup, & creamy polenta, all in keeping with the season. 

Even though we can't pinpoint when or why eating chili for dinner after trick-or-treating became a thing, it's one of the few Halloween meal plans that endures year after year. 

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