Autumn no-bake desserts

I sampled Biscoff cookie spread in a grocery shop & decided to make a no-bake pie. 

Substitute peanut butter or another spread for the cookie butter & match toppings. 

This gingery no-bake fall dessert is a must-try. Everyone loves tiramisu. This version contains a creamy pumpkin filling & sweet spices. 

If your family doesn't eat it first, this peanut butter pudding pie is attractive enough for company. 

This chocolate-&-peanut-butter treat is irresistible. Pudding cake is a delightful cold-weather dessert. 

It comprises three layers: apples, cake, & sauce. Try pumpkin chiffon pie this fall. Vanilla pudding thickens it. My sister-in-law made salted nut roll bars. Simple & tasty. 

It doesn't need to be warm or cold, so it's excellent for long-distance potlucks. A typical slow-cooker pumpkin spice custard with espresso powder. 

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