Asteroid dubbed "Planet Killer" discovered in the sun's glare

Astronomers refer to objects this size, which is roughly 1.5 km broad (almost a mile), as "planet killers" because of the harm they may do. 

The rock is thought to be among the five largest known PHAs. 

One of numerous recently detected asteroids discovered in orbit around Venus & Earth is known as 2022 AP7. 

There is no immediate reason for concern as the asteroid passes the Earth's orbital orbit because, according to experts, a collision is unlikely to occur for many thousand years. 

The asteroids were identified in a study published in the Astronomical Journal utilizing the Cerro Tololo observatory in Chile. 

The Earth & Planets Laboratory at the Carnegie Institution for Science's Scott S. Sheppard reported that so far. 

His team has discovered two big near-Earth asteroids that measure around 1 kilometer wide & are classified as "planet killers" due to their size. 

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