The most popular pet is a dog

One-third of all households have a dog. These playful, loyal animals make great companions, but can also be fierce protectors or smart helpers.

They evolved from extinct wolves

Over 20,000 years ago, humans domesticated dogs. Skulls, teeth, and paws shrank as they evolved from wolves, and they became more docile.

They can learn more than 100 gestures and words

Many owners teach their dogs commands and tricks because they're as smart as 2 year olds and easier to train.

40x more sensitive than human noses

These smart dogs can follow scent trails days after they've been left. Bloodhounds' keen sense of smell can be used as court evidence.

Many service dogs help humans

Guide dogs help blind people navigate safely. Some brave hounds are search and rescue dogs who help save people from danger.

Only their paws sweat, so they cool off by panting

The oily sweat contains chemicals only dogs can detect. It makes dog paws smell like cheesy crisps.

They can have either right or left feet

Dogs, like humans, have a dominant paw. Simple science will tell you. Dog starts walking. First leg? Look for patterns in starting legs. Dominant-legged dogs lead.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped dogs

Salukis lived in Egyptian palaces. Pampered dogs had servants, jewelled collars, and the finest meats.

Dogs communicate with body language

Dogs communicate with their ears, eyebrows, shoulders, and tails, not with sound. Posture also matters.

Dog ownership is a HUGE responsibility

Dogs have feelings and needs and must be cared for. They need daily walks, healthy food, a clean, cosy bed, and lots of love.

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