Additional Ready Dough Pizza products recalled

For the second time this season, the Pittsburgh Penguins have beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

It is being republished as a recall advisory in order to amend the initial recall's quantity of pizza products affected. Ready Dough Pizza products are included in the recall.

In addition to 1,423 pounds of additional Ready Dough Pizza goods, the latest recall was issued on July 29.

According to a news statement, the Food Safety and Inspection Service has identified additional types of commercially available pizza items that are subject to this recall, including pepperoni, ham, bacon, and chorizo pizza products.

Store-specific labels were shown on these products, which were sold in retail stores.

Without the advantage of an inspection, further items containing known allergens were created.

From January 12 to July 13 of 2022, frozen Cuban-style pizza was made. Customers in Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania received these products.

These items should not be consumed by anyone who has purchased them. Toss or return these items if you don't want to use them anymore.

Sports Retailer Abruptly Closing All its Stores

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According to the press release, the goods may be purchased either hot and ready-to-eat, or cold and ready to cook at home. It has been determined that the total weight of this recall has been increased from 6,595 lb to 8,018 lb.