A tunnel under Niagara Falls has opened

Niagara Falls has drawn global travelers for at least two centuries, from Marilyn Monroe to Mark Twain. 

A massive tunnel beneath the cascade was off-limits until this year. 

The rocks beneath the triple waterfall that straddles the US-Canadian border are honeycombed with chambers to harness nature's power. 

Now, a 670-meter (2,198-foot) tunnel built more than a century ago on the Canadian side has been opened. 

The decommissioned Niagara Parks Power Station tour commenced in July 2022. Exploring it reveals the pioneering work that helped modernize this part of North America. 

The power station channeled water from the Niagara River to fuel large turbines that electrified regional industry & helped make Buffalo the City of Light. 

According to tour guide Elena Zoric, the area around the waterfall was once a hotspot for hydropower entrepreneurs. 

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