You are a good friend. Otherwise friendship is incomplete. True friendship requires a mutual bond.Mutual acceptance and worldview are helpful. There must be some common ground between you and the other person. Real relationship requires mutual respect.

Your friend is accepted as-is.

This question is about emotional bonds. Having the same beliefs isn't enough to accept someone. Being a friend intellectually is important, but being the best friend requires emotion.

You're both empathetic

This is another key to being the best friend. Mutual trust means you can both be candid. A good friend keeps secrets and respects their privacy.

You're honest, and you trust your friend

Positive response indicates friendship. It means you're willing to offend friends and accept their disagreement. Being honest could end a shaky friendship.This is about telling someone they shouldn't do something. Sometimes personal obligations prevent helping a friend.Respect from your partner is vital.

You are truthful with one another

If you've reached this level of friendship with your pal, it means they can rely on you when they're at their most helpless. Would you defend them if they were falsely accused? If it isn't encouraging bad behaviour, a true friend would.

You're loyal

This requires you to be trustworthy and to keep your word, no matter how uneasy it may make others. It's possible that you're the best kind of friend if you'd get up at midnight to come to their rescue in the pouring rain.

You can be relied upon

This shows that you get your friend and are willing to sit with them when they are sick or in the hospital, even though they may "bore" you to tears. You care deeply about this person, as evidenced by this aspect of your friendship.

Even when it's hard, you're supportive

This question means you'll stop your friend from doing something wrong. No matter how close they are, a best friend shouldn't be put in danger. Saving a life or preventing harm to another is not betrayal. Enabling has more consequences than intervening. To prevent a tragedy, your friendship will be tested.

Both of you have the ability to establish limits

In close relationships, forgiveness is crucial. The "magic" of a relationship is when two people can forgive and forget. Last question is often the most important. Many people believe they have a "best friend" but lose that person's respect after a disagreement. You must love and be vulnerable with your friend.

You can forgive

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