Do you want your partner to talk...or listen? Good communication is two-way. If inadequate communication is limiting your marriage's potential, be honest about your needs. Women who complain their husbands won't talk want them to listen. Not ear-to-ear, but heart-to-heart listening.

Be sincere about your preferences

Share anything safe. Couples who can't talk to each other can get help from therapists. Fear is shown by silence. Never retaliate against your spouse's comments. You promised love and safety. How else did you plan to keep your vows? Protect your partner. Take care of the heart of your partner and see what happens.

Induce security

Men and women communicate differently. Women desire sympathy, men respect. They communicate differently. Wives often make eye contact. Men converse while walking, fishing, or gardening.Face-to-face conversation might be uncomfortable. Understanding is crucial. Learn your partner's love language.

Respect one another's differences

If you just wait for your partner to finish talking, you won't hear or see the details you need to say what you want to say. Listen quietly Listen kindly Listen without judgement. Don't talk over, jump in, or fill in the silence. Your partner is letting you see how weak they can be. Be careful with it. to find out. And thank you.

Purposefully listen

When you ask someone, "Are you OK?" and they say, "Yep," that's pretty normal. "How did you feel when you heard the Clarks talk about their retreat?" is a good way to start a real conversation. Asking open-ended questions can help you figure out how much your partner is willing to tell you.

Pose free-form queries

Don't talk about important things when you're both tired. When both sides try to talk to each other well, things go well. Pick your times carefully so you don't bother other people.

timing is everything

When expectations are involved, saying "He should know" or "She can figure it out" sets you up for failure. Uncommunicated needs can't be met. You and your companion will be resentful. The Four Agreements' most important rule is "don't assume." Assume mind-reading.

Don't presume you can read minds

Imitate your spouse's actions. Do the right thing first. Longer. Emphasize safety. Spouse love language. Expect solely of yourself and trust your partner to reciprocate. How to get your partner to communicate with you depends on you. You control only yourself.

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