Maintain your dignity

This is the point at which everything starts. It all begins with you having a positive opinion of yourself. This will assist you in establishing healthy boundaries for yourself that you can feel good about.

Avoid falling into the satisfying trap

It's easy to get involved: Your partner is important. You may feel compelled to do this to avoid rejection. When you're trapped in pleasing, you'll feel contempt. You start to feel better than your partner, which leads to disrespect. This destroys relationships.

Strike a balance of power in the interaction

Burnout occurs on both sides when one person is responsible for making all of the major decisions. In other words, you won't feel like your voice is being heard. This is yet another means by which dislike grows. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence, either.

Stop saying yes when no

You could feel pressured into agreeing. It's possible you believe you're the only one capable of completing this task properly. This is another route to exhaustion. Saying no is a form of self-affirmation.

Make time in your schedule for self-care

Daily self-care is vital. It takes 10 minutes a day. Have coffee and journal in the morning. Take a wellness day. When you take a day off for yourself. Go to a hotel and relax by the pool, or go hiking. It should bring you joy.

Request assistance when you need it

You shouldn't be with someone who thinks you're a superhero, especially since you aren't one yourself. It is important that you not let your pride get in the way. Ask for assistance if you feel like you could use it in the kitchen.

Don't feel guilty

Limits improve mental health. Putting others first costs you. Deteriorating mental health. Before helping others, help yourself. Prioritize yourself and stop feeling guilty. Respect your partner's boundaries. Do this for balanced relationships. Successful relationships are possible.

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