7 Disturbing Reasons Men Cheat

We know that cheating in partnerships is still frequent. 

For 14 years as a relationship therapist, I've seen many women crushed by their partner's infidelity. 

I often find men confused by their own actions that has damaged a good or outstanding relationship. 

These are some of the explanations men give me for cheating. “If I had better s*x at home, I wouldn't cheat.” 

Dirty line. Unfortunately, a mediocre s*x life with your partner does not justify adultery. Some of your woman's s*x aversion may not be related to you. 

Talking to your spouse, working it out, & then having better s*x is the only healthy approach to improve your sex. 

Why don't they want s*x now? Before talking about your needs, inquire how she's doing. Stay quiet. Women aren't that complicated. 

Explain why you miss closeness. Men seek several ladies. They'll grab an opportunity.” 

A few thousand years ago, spreading seed was biologically necessary. 

Overpopulation has rendered this justification obsolete. Sleeping around is great, but doing so while in a committed relationship is a karmic time bomb. 

If you wish to sleep with numerous women, tell your partner so she can stay or go. Cheating takes away someone else's choice. 

“I didn't have intercourse, therefore it wasn't cheating.”  The iconic Bill Clinton remark, "I did not have s*xual contact with that woman," made us wonder what s*x is. 

Kissing or sexting outside the relationship can be as destructive as s*x. Acting on an interest to someone outside the partnership doesn't matter. 

Acting alone left your partner weak & unaware. “I wouldn't cheat if my wife were kinder/15 pounds lighter/more supportive”. 

This excuse is partially true. It's hard to relax if your partner isn't supportive. Cheating as a reflex causes more agony for everyone. 

You agreed to bodily changes, up or down, when the relationship began. 55-year-olds don't resemble 25-year-olds. 

Cheating might be a great retribution if you're angry with your lover (and pleasant, for a bit). This disrespects two women. 

Cheating might be a great retribution if you're angry with your lover (and pleasant, for a bit). This disrespects two women. 

You're revengeing your partner with a woman you dislike. Infidelity taints any future connection. Alcohol & drug misuse can impair decision-making.

 Addiction causes cheating. Another issue i* s*xual compulsions. Who you cheat with doesn't matter if you're imagining or acting on your s*xual instincts to avoid life. 

Boredom can strike at any time, but becoming adulterous should be considered. Boredom comes from unrealistic expectations, such expecting your spouse to satisfy all your kinks. 

The Internet and its endless pornography are partly to blame, especially for young guys.  Women think, feel, & want. Being on 24/7 is hard. Cheating for a purpose. 

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