5 Leg Muscle-Building Exercises

Attention over-30s. Age-related muscle loss is serious. 

Harvard Health Publishing says you lose 3% to 5% every decade after 30. This can make daily activities harder. 

So pledge to maintain muscular mass as you age. It's never too late to start; being active, strong, & healthy is the finest present you can offer yourself. 

We found five bodyweight leg workouts for you. Move! Your leg muscles do a lot. They offer full leg rotation & extension, according to WebMD. 

They bend knees & point toes. As you age, strong leg muscles improve balance & avoid falls & accidents. 

Stefania Xytakis, a Fyt personal trainer, shared five leg-building exercises with us. Best? No equipment needed—just your bodyweight! Xytakis says, "These are useful since they consider all sides of the leg & its many muscles. 

Isometric, power, & normal-paced exercises are included. You can adjust every activity to your mood.

Running afterward helps you chill down & integrate the activities." 

Repeat each exercise for 60 seconds on & 30 seconds off. A 200-meter run completes this workout.

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