5 Easy Steps to Reset Gut Health

Gut health affects everything. The wellness community is focusing on gut health since current research has linked your gut flora to your nervous system, immune system, sleep cycle, & mental health. 

Some manufacturers claim that detoxes & fad diets may "repair your gut." 

But the best approach to reset your gut is to follow doctor-approved gut-friendly cuisine & practices that may surprise you. 

Dr. Katie E. Golden, MD, a board-certified physician in Charlotte, N.C., says each of us is born with a unique microbiome that varies over time & is affected by our lifestyles.

 Dr. Golden recommends five simple measures to reset your stomach & restore digestive health. 

Healthy gut flora start in the kitchen, according to Dr. Golden: "A whole-food, fiber-rich diet is one of the finest methods to treat your stomach." 

Fiber feeds intestinal microorganisms that support digestion. Dr. Golden suggests gut-healthy "vegetables & fruits, nuts & seeds, & whole grains." 

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