3 ways to combat social anxiety

Dr. Fallon Goodman says social anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental diseases, but its effects are misunderstood. 

"Social anxiety is about rejection," she explains. "Rejection is a dread of being inferior. 

We're less than we desire, think, or what society wants." Goodman tackles various fallacies about social anxiety in her TEDx lecture & suggests three simple strategies. 

Misconception: socially anxious persons are better alone. Goodman's research indicated that persons with social anxiety want strong. 

Intimate connections just like everyone else & can enjoy social circumstances. Myth: Socially anxious people flee the spotlight. 

Goodman mentions actors, models, & athletes who battle with social anxiety, including tennis superstar Naomi Osaka, who has commented about how she feels "acting" on the court vs. in other areas. 

Finally, anxiety isn't temporary or innocuous. Goodman: "Many people deal with social anxiety for years, decades" Social anxiety can affect every aspect of life. 

Goodman notes that social anxiety can lead to depression & alcoholism. Early detection & intervention can prevent this, & Goodman believes it can be done easily in high schools & colleges.

 "A few simple questions can consistently indicate social anxiety," she explains. "Rejection fear? Fear keeping you from doing what you want? 

30 seconds and $0 for these questions." "A single person might have a lot of influence in this connected world," adds Goodman. 

Regular, open dialogues about mental illness lessen stigma, remove damaging stereotypes, & help people. 

Goodman believes overcoming social anxiety isn't about avoiding rejection. "Social courage involves seeking experiences & understanding rejection is possible," she explains.

 "Social courage involves pursuing experiences because they're meaningful to you & recognizing that their success isn't tied to your worth as a person."

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