3 signs often arise a month before a heart attack

 To prevent heart muscle damage, a heart attack must be treated immediately. 

Some heart attacks have modest symptoms, making them easy to miss. 

In England, symptoms were ignored up to a month before heart attack deaths, according to a 2017 Lancet Public Health study. 

This study investigated all 446,744 NHS hospital stays in England between 2006 & 2010 that recorded heart attacks & all 135,950 heart attack fatalities. 

The records showed whether patients who died of a heart attack had been hospitalized in the prior four weeks & if indicators of a heart attack were documented as the major reason for admission primary diagnosis, as a secondary diagnosis, or not at all. 

Half of the 135,950 heart attack patients who died had never been hospitalized, & half had been hospitalized within four weeks. 

21,677 (16%) of heart attack patients who died had been hospitalized in the four weeks prior, but their hospital records did not reflect heart attack symptoms.

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