a list of 20 foods that are good for diabetics

Many people struggle to adopt a diabetic diet. Diabetes and prediabetes need blood sugar, carbohydrate, and weight monitoring. High blood sugar can cause renal, heart, and nerve disorders.

Spinach and kale are diabetic-friendly. Vitamin C is their biggest strength. Vitamin C decreases inflammation and blood sugar, according to 2015 research. The work was published in Drug Design, Development, and Therapy.

Dark, leafy veggies are green.

Long debated: milk's effect on diabetes. More studies relate the two. Breakfast with milk may aid diabetics throughout the day, according to a 2018 study. Protein makes you feel fuller, regulating blood sugar and hunger.

Morning milk is beneficial.

Low-glycemic, satisfying natural peanut butter. Erin Spitzberg recommends peanut butter because it "slows digestion and keeps you satisfied longer" Slow digesting prevents morning blood sugar rises.

Peanut butter prevents blood sugar spikes

Olive oil decreases cholesterol more than other fats despite being high in calories. Olive oil's beneficial fats decrease type 2 diabetic symptoms. Roman researchers found in 2015 that olive oil decreases LDL cholesterol.

Olive oil provides healthy fats.

Some diabetic diets prohibit bread, but grains are fine. The ADA advises whole grains for diabetics. Chalmers University scientists said no study has demonstrated whole grains cause diabetes harm.

What About Whole Grains?

Sweet potatoes minimise diabetes symptoms, unlike other starches. Dietitian Leah Kaufman believes a medium-sized sweet potato can manage blood sugar. Vitamin C, iron, and fibre are anti-diabetic nutrients.

Don't Worry About Sweet Potatoes

Eggs have been blamed for cholesterol for years. Eggs lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL (the heart-healthy kind). MayoClinic says this cholesterol adjustment can normalise type 2 diabetes patients' blood pressure and blood sugar.

Eggs are cholesterol-friendly.

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