15 non-rice cooker uses

The rice cooker is one of the most cruelly ignored kitchen appliances known to mankind. 

In an era when home cooks are focusing on kitchen instruments with several clear functions, such woks. 

Slow cookers & food processors, the rice cooker seems to be disregarded for its name alone. Unfair! 

Rice cookers, despite their name, are formidable multitaskers. Confused? Try these rice cooker recipes that don't involve rice. 

We're confident. This could be the easiest cake recipe you'll ever find. You blend a mixture of flour, sugar, milk & eggs together in a bowl. 

Pour the batter in the rice cooker; & press a button. That's it. A half-hour or so later, you have a cake that is moist & perfect every time. There's no excuse not to try this one. 

You can follow along with the complete recipe here. Perfect for a lavish Sunday morning, this rice cooker polenta dish is creamy, rich & sweet, containing a blend of cheddar & Parmesan cheeses. 

Before making the polenta, simmer chopped onions & garlic in a rice cooker for 15 minutes to soften them & intensify the flavors. 

Follow along with the complete recipe here. This recipe comes from the anime "Yakitate!! Japan." 

The show is an over-the-top cookery program that concentrates on bread-baking. 

One episode shows how to bake a light, fluffy round of bread in your rice cooker in a few hours. wikiHow offers instructions. 

Just Bento has a great frittata recipe for small kitchens. Because of how the rice cooker cooks, this vegetarian frittata will be light, moist, & fluffy throughout. 

Simply mix eggs, vegetables, & seasonings in a rice cooker, press the button, & wait. Here are directions! 

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