Mothers of boys are less likely to have mood swings or emotional outbursts early in their pregnancies. But pregnant women of either gender will be given a certain amount of mercy.

You feel at ease

A pregnancy hand test might be worth a shot. Place your hands on your belly; if they naturally turn in toward each other, rather than outward, you're likely to be having a son.

You put your hands on your belly in a certain way.

If you have a boy, your hair is likely to get thick and full. Be careful, this isn't just your hair coming in all over the place. During pregnancy, your body hair may also grow more and get coarser.

Your hair gets thicker and longer

There is a strong possibility that you are carrying a boy if you or your partner are dreaming about tiny girls. that's just an old wives' tale

You have recurring dreams about newborn girls

Mothers who are expecting a son are less likely to fall unwell in the first trimester than mothers of daughters. For starters, the hCG hormone plays a significant role in triggering morning sickness; the lower the concentration, the less likely you are to throw up.

You experience minimal sickness in the morning

The old wives' story states that if your hands are dryer than usual while pregnant, you will have a son. As an alternative, delicate hands are said to indicate a young girl.

A lack of moisture in hands

If you crave salty foods more than sweet ones, you may be carrying a boy. Girl mothers are far more likely to crave sweets during their first trimester, whereas boy mothers choose saltier and more meat-based diets.

You yearn for salty snacks

Eat a clove of garlic; according to urban legend, you'll stink if you're carrying a boy but won't have any odour at all if you're carrying a girl.

You have a slight odour

Boy moms shine when they are pregnant. When a girl becomes a mom, her hormones tend to make her get more acne and look more tired. The old wives' tale that little girls steal their mother's beauty isn't true, but we still think you're pretty.

You glow

Male infants, on average, are lengthier than their female counterparts. Check your ultrasound readings against online statistics. If your unborn child appears on the taller side, congratulations! You're having a boy.

Your ultrasound shows that your baby is big

There is a noticeable increase in the foetal heart rate. Women, on average, have a significantly slower heart rate than men. It was once thought otherwise, however that theory has since been debunked.

Your ultra sound showed a rapid heart rate

If your growing bulge is spherical and lower than average, you probably have a boy. Moms of boys tend to sling their infants about like they have a basketball tucked inside their shirt.

You’re all stomach

People assume that if your partner prospers at the same time as you, you'll choose to have a girl. The notion is that if your partner's body form doesn't change much throughout pregnancy, you're probably having a boy.

Your partner does not gain sympathy pounds

Cold feet, according to urban mythology, indicate that you are carrying a son because of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

You seem to have perpetually chilly feet

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