It's safe to say that nobody has an ideal existence. Downs will never completely disappear from the equation. Genuinely happy people, however, are more likely to grin. They keep their positive spirits in spite of the hardships they're through.

You have an infectious grin

Those who truly contribute to others do so without the hope of receiving anything in return. You donate because you care about the well-being of others.

Your kindness is unconditional

Honest individuals treat others with the utmost decency and respect. They recognise and appreciate the wide range of experiences and viewpoints that people bring to the table.

you're polite

One cannot harbour ill will toward another for very long if their intentions are good. You make an effort to understand other people and never close the door on a peaceful settlement. In most cases, you forgive people quickly regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

Forgiveness comes naturally to you

Fury is infectious in that it distributes its noxious vibes to everyone around it. A person with a pure heart never holds grudges and is quick to put the past in the past.

You simply cannot maintain your anger

You get a kick out of making other people happy. When others succeed, you are the first to congratulate them. Seeing the success and achievements of those around you brings you great satisfaction.

What makes them happy makes you happy

You would go to any reasonable length to aid others. You are selfless in the way that you constantly put the needs of others before your own.

As a person, you're quite useful

You can only ever perceive the glass as half full, never half empty. You believe that unfortunate events provide opportunities for growth, and you try to learn from them regardless of their outcome.

You're a positive person

Friends and family know they can trust you with their most intimate secrets because you always keep your word. A person who keeps their word and arrives when they say they will.

You can be counted on

You aren't the type to be envious of other people's possessions. Giving to others in need is second nature to you, and you never think twice about passing along a gift.

you are kind

You are never one to boast about your achievements. Your attitude toward the blessings in your life has not changed. Thankful as you are, you don't let the acclaim you've received lead to arrogance.

To be humble is a virtue you possess

One of the most telling characteristics of a good person is their candour. You say it like it is and are unflinchingly ready to face the music as a result. It is known that you will always be truthful and authentic.

Sincerity is one of your strengths

You don't form quick judgments about people and instead wait to get to know them better. You have the ability to establish your own opinion of a person despite the fact that others may try to impose theirs on you.

You don't pass judgement on others easily

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