12 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Sociopathic Monster

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They're adorable

They're charismatic and charming. They're popular at parties but superficial.

Sociopaths are attractive

They take full advantage of their high sexual attraction.

Fast "I love you"

They quickly declare their love and speed up the relationship. You lose your mind over love.

They lavish attention on you

At first, they bombard you with calls, emails, texts, and time. They may buy gifts or take you on trips to win you quickly.

Sociopaths lock you in quickly

They try to commit by moving in, getting engaged, or marrying quickly. They will try to seal the deal before you discover their bad behaviour.

They always play the victim in past stories

They are not responsible for past or future relationship issues.They're blind to their flaws.

Sociopaths manipulate pity

They play upon your sympathy for all things they do. Blaming it on childhood scars, work problems, relationship issues, money problems, etc.

They have angry eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so look for signs of trouble there. Their cold, hostile anger is unsettling.

Pathological liars

They seem to have made "lying" into a way of life, regardless of the topic. It's a practical aid they employ to streamline their daily activities.

Sociopaths appear guiltless

They feel no remorse for cheating, lying, or hurting someone they love. They'll do it again, even if they're caught.

They act like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The charming man you fell in love with is very different from the abusive, cruel, unfeeling, lying manipulative man. You keep expecting the first one to return, but you see less and less of him.

They break rules with ease

They disregard laws and rules. They like pushing the limits for the adrenaline rush and control.

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