They are effective for anywhere between 3 and 24 months at a time.

Short-term relationships repeatedly

They believe that everyone they date could be the one true love of their life.

Seeking the one

They use it in play to find a new partner, charm them, and keep them as a companion.


luring or maintaining a partner through sexual activity, manipulation, or other deceptive means.


They are searching for a particularly focused and intense level of attention.

Constantly seeking

Being by themselves is either intolerable or difficult for them on an emotional level.

they don't like being alone

They worry that they will be abandoned by the other person while they are in the relationship.

eager for approval

Their ex-partners are individuals who are emotionally unavailable, who are married, or who are abusive.

picking the wrong partners

Because of their newfound love, they might be giving up important interests and friendships.

Dropping hobbies

Attempting To Avoid Dealing With Their Emotions

When they aren't in a relationship, they resort to sex, masturbation, or imaginative play to distract themselves from the emptiness they feel inside.

They return to ex lovers

They have a pattern of returning to relationships that were previously difficult to manage or painful.

Can't maintain a relationship after the novelty wears off

They get bored with their partner or fear being trapped with the wrong person, so they withdraw emotionally or start making a big deal out of nothing.
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