You attempt to engage your partner in conversation about their worldview, but they seem to avoid discussing anything too deep, opting instead to focus on more surface-level topics.


Talking about previous relationships seems especially difficult and painful, like pulling teeth.

Problems discussing past relationships

Your new partner seems to show an excessive amount of affection toward you whenever they are around their previous partner.

Limited displays of affection

You rush into the relationship in spite of the fact that you are aware they are not relationship material.


Either you or your partner has hurried into the relationship in an effort to avoid the discomfort of feeling like something was missing.

Anxious haste

Very little time has passed since the end of the relationship that came before you and your current partner.


You have not interacted with any of your partner's close friends or family members.


You don't talk to one another about your plans for the future.

Insufficient communication

Either you and your partner are keeping tabs on your ex's social media activity.

concern for a former partner

You or your partner still have old messages, texts, voicemails, pictures, and the like from an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Maintaining an attachment to outmoded ideas

You are sexual, but you don't get close to people. You do not embrace, touch, or hold each other outside of the context of sexual activity.

Lack of closeness in your relationships

The two of you engage in nonstop, random flirtation. This applies to anyone and everyone. The first fish that bites the bait is the one you or they will choose.

Flirting inappropriately

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