Discuss your life and ask him about his

Recount some hilarious anecdotes from your youth to him. Inquire of him regarding the incident that resulted in that scar. Things will get much further if you demonstrate that you are interested in him as a person.

Expose a more vulnerable aspect of yourself to him

In this situation, the most important thing is not to make him want to seek counselling but rather to make him want to protect you. It's healthy to have some exposed spots, but it doesn't mean you should be insecure. When you put in too much effort, you risk coming across as needy and clinging.

Maintain eye contact

Studies have shown that maintaining eye contact for an extended period of time increases the likelihood that a man may fall in love with you.

Cook him a nice meal and serve it to him

You know how your mom always said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Most men's opinions of you will change if you show off your inner housewife.

Get out of his way if you feel like he's taking you for granted

The best way to make someone realise what they've lost is to take it away from their lives for a while. When you don't show up much, he will realise that people like you are rare. This makes him care more than always looking for attention.

Use Pavlovian techniques for training

Smart man, Pavlov. By pairing a reward with a sound, he taught dogs to drool.You can use his teaching to get guys to like or respect you.By complimenting them and expressing interest, they want to be around you more.

Get your sex on a regular basis

Have you ever noticed that persons who engage in sexual activity on a regular basis tend to end up in romantic relationships? If the sex is satisfying, he may find that his hormones shift into the "caring" gear rather than the "gratification" gear that they normally use.

Behaving as a friend is also expected

Girls who act more interested in pursuing a relationship than in the guy they're chatting to are the last thing guys want to be around. Want his affection? Befriend him while simultaneously being sexually interested in him.

Get a hold of his hand

This seemingly insignificant action causes a release of hormones in men that stimulate feelings of love.

Express your wish

The one thing that tops the list of priorities for a man is to feel as though he is wanted. It is likely that he will care for you more if you demonstrate to him that you want him.

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