Overworking can affect physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Too much spiritual strain can cause a headache. Take on fewer duties, reduce your stress, and care for yourself, says the universe.

You are exceeding your capacity

Worrying causes migraines. Anxiety, despair, and worry go hand-in-hand, so if you start having head pains, disconnect. Worrying won't change your situation. Relaxing will help your spirit, health, and emotions.

Get over your anxiety

When we stray too far from our path, the cosmos pulls us back. Visual problems or light sensitivity may indicate blurriness. You must reassess your vision, gain clarity, and eliminate distractions. Prioritize what's important.

You're confused

First, there's perplexity. Confused equals anxious. A headache could signal the beginning of a spiritual journey. Relax and trust the process. You'll be back to normal soon.

You're enlightened

Negative feelings about someone hurt you more than they do. Anger and hatred cause headaches. Your guardian angels want you to stop worrying about headaches. Release any hate, rage, or ill will.

You don't let go of your anger

Headaches can be traced back to a source of negative energy. There comes a moment when the amount of accumulated negativity necessitates an energetic cleanse. The use of purification ceremonies and a spiritual cleansing can help alleviate chronic headaches.

It is time to cleanse

The actions of their pasts cause remorse and sorrow in many people today. Persistent headaches are a sign from the universe that you need to let the past go. Come to terms with your past so you may enjoy your present. Learn from your past failures and go forward with the intention of making your life the best it can be.

Stop dwelling in the past

The cosmos may try to tell you anything by sending you signs that something has happened in your life that you can't ignore. A headache is a clear sign that you need to accept what is natural or unavoidable and move on with your life instead of stressing over it.

You need to learn how to accept

Next time you experience a headache, think of it as your gut instinct communicating to you. It's a sign from the hereafter that the person you're talking to is lying. Get some distance and think critically about what you're being told. Recognize and accept the truth if you've been mislead.

Clearly, you're the target of deception

You're out of alignment when you go against your beliefs. A headache can signal a bad decision. Values lead you. They instruct you how to proceed and avoid danger. A headache means you should rethink your options.

You're ignoring your values

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