He anticipates that his needs will be met and that he will be pampered whenever he so desires. He is content to take, but he will never give.

he thinks women should serve him

It is possible that he will throw temper tantrums or stay up all night partying with people who are ten years his junior.

He acts like a child, teen, or younger person

Former associates of his eventually turn out to be his rivals or new companions.

He can't maintain stable relationships

It may take him up to six months before he decides to invest in a new couch.

He's commitment phobic despite a needy attachment style

The majority of his so-called "friends" are actually just his mother and random people he meets while out playing or partying.

His close friends are few

He expresses indirect hostility through subtle insults, sullen behavior, stubbornness, or deliberate task neglect.

He's passive-aggressive

He will put up a fight against doing anything that is even marginally inconvenient for him.

He is a narcissist or selfish child

He wastes a significant amount of money on playing games, going to parties, and pursuing women.

Financially irresponsible

If he is unable to find another scapegoat, he will blame his mother and everyone else in his immediate environment for everything that goes wrong in his life.

He seldom blames himself

She's his closest friend. Even though he's grown, she worries about him. She may buy his clothes, groceries, and laundry.

Almost every day, he calls his mom

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