10 Easy Care Dogs for Busy People

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Boston Terrier

Brown eyed Boston Terriers have tuxedo style coats. A few walks and indoor playtime are usually enough exercise as with any breed. City singles and suburban families love them. Low-maintenance coat.


Chihuahuas are like your Leo friend who's "up for anything!" Adaptable and independent, they only need a few blocks of trotting behind you to get enough exercise. Even long coated chihuahuas need only an occasional brushing.

Manchester Terrier

Dogs and busy lifestyles often bring up grooming. Taking your dog to the salon more often than you get highlights? Nope. Standard and toy Manchester terriers have sleek coats. After a walk, these dogs love to relax.


Dachshunds are friendly and up for anything frisbee or otherwise. Running around the house careful with stairs or walking are good exercises. Your Dachshund will be content sitting by your side in a dog-friendly office or at home.

Doberman Pinscher

If you're active, get a Doberman. Healthy humans exercise regularly, and healthy dogs bond with their owners. Nightly runs save time. These loyal dogs need a yard and puppy training, but are low-maintenance.

French Bulldog

The even tempered French bulldog requires minimal grooming, barks infrequently, and adapts well to his family's lifestyle. If they're walked enough, these dogs will fit in anywhere, with anyone.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are great for busy people because they can sense and adapt to their moods. Yes, brushing weekly is necessary to keep their longer coats from tangling, but they're easygoing and good with kids and other pets.

Rat Terrier

This cute, compact, playful pup will thank you. She'll calmly welcome you back when you return from errands. Rat terriers love to learn and please but are sensitive. You have a large family or host friends often rat terriers like to be social.

Basset Hound

The basset hound is another lazy blob. If it weren't for their loyalty, you might think these dogs don't care if you're home. They're good with dogs. Basset hounds may need a three-times-a-week brushing to keep their coat healthy.

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Tibetan spaniels enjoy lounging around the house without asking and playing with toys. Playful, but calm and obedient. Every week, brush the fur behind the ears to prevent tangling.