breeds of working dogs in the US


This breed is versatile due to its strong build, high intelligence, high energy, and agility. Boxers are not aggressive, but they are protective, and were originally bred in Germany for these purposes.


These large dogs are "gentle giants" to their owners, but fiercely protective. Intelligent, loyal, and courageous, Pyrenees dogs were originally bred as livestock guards.

Great Pyrenees

Rottweilers are strong guard dogs. Ancient Roman Rottweilers may have guarded livestock. Even-tempered and intelligent, Rottweilers make good pets for active owners.


Eskimo, Siberian, and Alaskan malamutes sled. Due to their agility, strength, and stamina, they can transport heavy loads in subfreezing temperatures. Dogsleds for transportation are rare, but huskies are popular for races.


Akitas are large, powerful dogs. Having a member of this dominant and loyal breed was a sign of status in early Japanese history. Akitas make excellent guard dogs because they are loyal and fearless, qualities that can be developed with proper training.


Golden retrievers are used in law enforcement, search-and-rescue, therapy, and service. Families and professionals like their intelligence, enthusiasm, and good nature.

Golden Retriever

Like golden retrievers, labs are frequently used in SAR, police work, service, and even therapy. Because of their pleasant demeanour and ease of training, this breed is frequently chosen by households.

Labrador Retriever

German shepherds guard people, property, and livestock. Work may mislabel German shepherds as aggressive. They're smart and obedient, but not household-friendly.

German Shepherd

Doberman is synonymous with "guard dog" Doberman Pinschers and the related German Pinscher are aggressive guard dogs. With proper training and care, these dogs can be loving family pets.


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Need a runner? Border Collies are always up for a challenge. This dog will herd cattle, sheep, and even children. Their sweet temperament and soft, medium-length fur make them ideal family pets.

Border Collie