I remember being surprised to see a bunch of flowers at work. My friend sent me the gift because he knew how sad I was after my ex didn't care about me. His thinking made my week, not my present. conclusion? Don't promise them something you can't deliver. Surprises are more remembered and effective than keeping promises.

Startle people, don't tell them

A person who always says yes is less regarded than one who speaks their views. Because expressing "no" shows genuineness, boundary-setting, and receptivity to others' needs and viewpoints.After the initial shock, you'll feel better about a no. If you don't prioritise yourself, others will too.

When you don't want to, say "no"

Help them out by holding the door if they have their hands full. If the seat is wet, let them know so they don't sit on it. Get the money they dropped. Most people won't do these things, so if you do them, you'll earn extra kudos.

Help someone you don't know

Why am I not as brilliant, rich, charming, successful, influential, or good-looking as my better unequal? You're not growing, though. You aren't improving. Learn from others' successes. Repeatedly practise. If necessary, ask. Become the best by learning from the greatest.

Leave your ego behind and learn from others

It's fun to converse with people, but when no one has anything to say, you feel bored. You can only make folks intrigued about you if you're curious yourself. Figure things out. Ask why people do things. Read current events. We think you're smart and interesting when you have a lot to say.

Be always curious

Seeing someone yell or act destructively isn't enjoyable. And occasionally we lash out. Don’t. Before snapping, consider the issue and why you're furious. Maybe you two miscommunicated; be calm and speak it out. This is the finest way to understand and connect with people.

Keep calm when angry

Most of us feel terrified away from our comfort groups, so it's easy to tell who's confident. I always look for those who announce themselves because I know they're confident.  Talk to a stranger. You'll impress them and gain confidence.

Contact new people and strike up dialogues

When someone says they're bored and have nothing to do, it drives me crazy. If they snooze or watch TV all day.People told me to "live in the moment" and have fun, but that's a short-term perspective. Learning new stuff every day makes you more attractive over time.

List your learning goals

This overused sentence might still make someone's day. Reflect on how lucky you are, even if it's just a hug. Sincere thankfulness should not be coerced otherwise it starts to lose its meaning.

Give your thanks

Time is something you can't get back. People who are continuously busy doing something they like or can improve on are more successful than those who regard time like a currency – you can waste it in a blink, but others utilise it to build a good life. Heart and habits are more attractive than face and body.

Self-care is important

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