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10 Tips For Taking Online Dance Classes

    10 Tips For Taking Online Dance Classes

    Online dance lessons are fantastic!

    You have more privacy, more independence, a larger range of high-quality classes, and so much more when you exercise from home.

    Here are ten helpful pointers to help you get the most out of your at-home class experience!

    1. Research your instructors

    Platforms like Zoom and Instagram Live have not only made online dancing classes more accessible to everyone, but they’ve also made it easier for new instructors to get started.

    Although hearing your favourite choreographer announce a Zoom class may make you feel like you’ve struck gold, if they don’t have much teaching expertise, you’ll still have problems picking up their techniques.

    Take a look at your instructor’s social media profiles and tagged posts to get a sense of the kind of students who attend their classes, their dance style, and how they teach.

    More experienced instructors provide regular advice and criticism, arrive well prepared for class, and are adept at describing how the techniques should feel rather than just how they should look.

    2. Know when to choose a live vs. a recorded class

    When you attend a live class, you may be able to obtain quick feedback, converse with other students, and observe the moves on bodies other than your own.

    You can do the following with a recorded class:

    1. Take lessons on your own time, which is ideal for busy people.
    2. You have complete control over the pace of your session, which is ideal for beginners with a slower learning curve.
    3. You can repeat sections of the class or the full class if you’re a perfectionist.

    Live lessons may be a good option for you if you’re seeking for more of the social components of taking a dance class.

    If you’re a newbie dancer or want a bit more convenience, try a platform like STEEZY Studio, where you can learn at your own pace with recorded courses.

    3. Keep yourself accountable by scheduling classes

    Consistency is essential if you want to improve as a dancer.

    Your abilities will skyrocket if you stick with it. Otherwise, you risk losing your progress!

    Online courses, no matter how dedicated you are, may not feel like a “legitimate” commitment, so it’s critical to have a fool-proof strategy in place to ensure you’re improving as a dancer — day by day, week by week.

    And, since your dance instructor isn’t your mother, it’s not their obligation to remind you to show up!

    Make a note of it on your calendar and set an alarm for yourself.

    4. Create a dedicated dance space in your home

    Nothing is more frustrating than bashing your elbow into a wall in the middle of a groove sesh because you don’t have enough room to dance in!

    Treat a specific part of your home as your own personal dance studio to get yourself in the mood to dance – here’s how:

    1. Mirrors should be installed. (For more helpful setup hints, watch the video below!)
    2. Shift your lighter furnishings to the room’s perimeter.
    3. Try dancing in shoes, socks, or bare feet to see which is the most comfortable.
    4. Different forms of movement require different types of footwear.
    5. Make sure your camera is working properly. (If you want to capture more in the picture, get a fish-eye lens.)

    5. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down

    Warming up before class and cooling down afterward are essential because many dance lessons are physically demanding exercises.

    Due to time limits or the more informal environment, many live online dance lessons skip warm-ups and cool-downs, and most recorded courses will only cover the exact class subject.

    Set your reminder for class around 10 minutes early and squeeze in a warm up beforehand to give your body the TLC it deserves.

    Then, after each session, cool down with an easy stretch exercise.

    6. Invite friends to take class with you

    Invite a friend to join you in your home workouts if you’re having trouble staying motivated.

    Having a dancing partner will hold you more accountable, and spending time with a friend on class days will give you even more to look forward to.

    Plus, while you’re doing it, you can offer each other criticism, film each other’s dance videos for Instagram, or try out some partner parts!

    You don’t know anyone who likes to dance?
    When it comes to features…

    7. Take advantage of technology

    Many dancers make the mistake of treating an online session the same way they would a traditional studio class.

    They arrive, learn the routine, practise as instructed, and finish the lesson.

    But it’s the year 2020… we’ve got technology! Here’s how to make the most of it:

    Use a screen recording programme to capture your live lessons, then go back and study them at your leisure.

    Pause recorded classes to practise picture matching.

    Rewind and repeat difficult areas to master each move!

    And if you’re looking for even more control,

    8. Ask for feedback

    You won’t know how to improve your dancing if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong (and what you’re doing properly). You’ll wind up staying at the same level.

    As a result, choose a handful of persons to whom you can turn for comments after each online lesson you take.

    If your instructor gives you personalised comments during online live sessions, that’s fantastic!

    If you don’t have enough time or are taking a recorded lesson, get feedback from your dancer friends or on social media.

    Most teachers enjoy seeing their students train and progress, so don’t be shy about posting a dancing video and tagging your instructor in the comments… they could have some specific advice for you!

    There are also a number of online dancing communities where you may share your progress and receive useful advice.

    9. Connect with your classmates

    If you’re in the same class as someone else, you’re likely to share additional interests – whether it’s music preferences, personal dance ambitions, or a low-key crush on the instructor…

    As a result, be open! Make contact with other students via the internet! Make virtual hangouts a reality!

    Connect with others and create new friends by using forums, comment sections, and other online communities.

    10. Try new things!



    Not only can broadening your knowledge help you level up faster, but you may also discover something new that you enjoy.

    Because of the reduced commitment and wider availability of sessions, online dancing classes are the ideal option.

    So, when it comes to selecting classes…

    Experiment with new styles — basic styles such as House, Whacking, and Popping will help you expand your dancing range.

    Take classes at various levels to brush up on your fundamentals or to challenge yourself to learn a more complex piece.

    Train with a variety of instructors, including that Japanese dancer, a friend, or someone you’ve only ever liked on Instagram.

    Challenge yourself to learn a routine to a new genre of music that you’ve never danced to before!

    I hope these ten pointers help you get the most out of your online training.

    Do you have any advice for taking dance classes online? Leave a comment below with your ideas!

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